Confetti Pop takes the confidentiality of personal data extremely seriously and is committed to protecting the purchaser’s on-line information. Confetti Pop collects, stores and only uses the information to improve and personalise the service offered to its purchasers, and would never release these details to a third party.


Collection of personal data

The only personal information collected on this website and social networks is the purchaser’s first name, surname, email address and billing/delivery address and phone number.


Use of personal data

This information is taken at the point of order or when processing an order. Confetti Pop will only use the telephone number or email address for the purposes of responding to a question regarding an order thus avoiding any possible delay in shipment.

Payment will be made by bank transfer Paypal or bank card and will be carried out using a technology called SSL (Secure Socket Layer). SSL is a security protocol which ensures that all information transmitted over the network is encrypted so it cannot be accessed by a third party.

Confetti Pop may use the data collected to improve its website and services offered to the purchaser, whilst in all cases maintaining the purchaser’s anonymity.


Obtain a copy of personal data

At any time the purchaser may request a copy of his/her private details held by Confetti Pop by contacting


Modification/cancellation of personal data

The user has the right to access, rectify or delete his/her personal information in accordance with the law of 6th January 1978 by emailing

If the user’s request is not carried out to his/her satisfaction, then the user reserves the right to make an official request to the Information Commissioner’s Office under GDPR regulations.

Furthermore it is important to note that in order to comply with the law – despite the deletion of a user account, Confetti Pop will still retain a part of the users’ personal data.


Cookie Policy

When browsing the website, Confetti Pop reserves the right to record one or more cookies on the hard drive of the user’s computer/tablet/smartphone via the web browser used and according to the parameters previously selected on it in terms of cookies.

Confetti Pop uses cookies to allow the recording of information relating to the appearance and function of the website – such as the preferred language or currency – in order to improve the browsing experience of the internet user on Confetti Pop’s communication channels.

These cookies allow for a statistical analysis of those website pages most frequently visited by the internet user or on the general use of the website. They improve the browsing experience of the site and an automatic connection. The data collected by cookies is completely anonymous and does not contain any personal data

Purchasers may object to the disclosure of their contact information by notifying Confetti Pop. It is also possible to configure your computer to accept or refuse certain cookies. However refusing or omitting the use of cookies may result in a restricted use of the website and prevent the internet user from being offered a personalised browsing experience.

For any further information regarding Confetti Pop’s privacy policy please send an email to